'Splosion Man
'Splosion Man


Biological Weapon




Scientists, Bots, Meatenstein

'Splosion Man is the main protagonist from the video game 'Splosion Man on the Xbox Live Arcade. His powers revolve around exploding and many of his quotes pay homage to famous movies.


The biggest mistake Big Science ever made. Splosion Man was created in their laboratories originally designed as a weapon. Once he was made, Splosion Man escaped and they have been trying to stop him ever since. Made entirely of Splosive material, Splosion Man leaves a wake of destruction behind him, and turns the malicious scientists into meat with his splodalicious abilities.


"Yay, 'splode again!"

"Get to the choppa!"

"Hello friend!"

"Hasta la vista baby!"


"We're done professionally."


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